Select Projects

  • IT Resource Center
    Support portal and expert resources to manage complex IT environments.
    Award Winner:
    The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) named the ITRC as one of the “Ten Best Web Support Sites” for 2003 & 2004.

  • Software Depot
    Spearheaded the usability improvements and user interface re-design initiative that facilitated increase in on-site transactions by 146%.

  • Business Support Center
    High traffic support portal for business end customers helps resolve support issues using self-solve and collaborative tools.
    Award Winner: The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) named the BSC as one of the “Ten Best Web Support Sites” for 2004.

  • Flash Enabled Product Selector
    With a few clicks, the user can zoom into exactly a specific device he/she is looking for (spread over hundreds of pages previously). Saved time and user frustration = more chances user will select company’s product vs. the competition.

  • Support Case Manager and Tracking System (login/registration required)
    Automated online tool to increase online submittal and tracking of product support cases, thus decreasing support related phone costs. A penny saved is a penny earned.

  • Social Networking  Community
    A gathering place for IT and Business professionals to solve support problems, exchange ideas and learn from peers, thus increasing self-solve rate and saving company $.

  • Product Listing and Selection Site
    Helps semiconductor design engineers pick the right product for their needs and helps the company market latest product offerings to increase their market share.

  • A Digital Drawing Tool
    Helps internal sales engineers draw digital diagrams in rapid response to changing customer needs and allows sharing notes and information to reach the customer in seconds instead of days.
    (Software Tool residing on the user’s local system, cannot be shared)
    Award n
    ominee for the project that had the most impact to company bottom line, 2008

  • Math Nspired
    Helps teachers teach key concepts in Algebra and Geometry.
    Increased unique visitors by more than 200 % from previous quarter due to improvements in usability, information architecture and experience design.

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